Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name

Securing a domain name can be a daunting task especially if you have never done it before. If you do not have any knowledge on how to do it, the chances are high that you might make the wrong choice that might cost you money and time. Obviously, you are not ready to buy a domain and lose it, or are you? Despite the fact that there are obvious challenges that you might face, listed below are a few things that you need to consider when to ensure that you secure your domain name successfully.


Make use of keywords and a location on your domain name

Including a location or even a keyword in the domain name that you buy helps you to ensure that your site remains live online. The use of a location would be appropriate if your business is location-focused. On the other hand, a keyword would be ideal for purposes of Google rankings.

Owning the domain

Make sure that you register the domain as the owner. There are numerous domain name registration tools that you can use to search your preferred domain name.

After you have identified your ideal name, it is recommendable to own the domain by registering with your details. This is important in that you can be contacted anytime should anything arise.

Remember your domain name renewal term

Most people lose their domains due to failure to renew them as expected. Often there are set periods when you should renew any domain name registration. To be on the safer side, it is important to focus on a long renewal term or an auto-renewal service.


Buy a domain name without examining its history

Domains are available online and finding one is not the end of the registration process. Some domains have legal issues attached to them, and hence, it is advisable to review the history of any domain before owning it.

Use extensions instead of .com

A .com domain extension is important for some reason. For example, with such an extension, you can access other domain extensions such as .net, or even .co. However, if you are only starting out, it is not recommendable to spend money on such.

Use abbreviations

It is always important to choose a domain that appeal to your visitors and customers. Dashes, numbers are not ideal for use in domain names. Your domain name ought to be easy to read and spell.


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