Top Domain Hosting – Reviews 2017

The fact that you have successfully purchased a domain name does not guarantee that your business operations online will be successful. Having a reputable web hosting company handle all your hosting needs will keep you at a better position to ensuring that your business can be accessed online anytime. However, there are so many domain hosting companies nowadays such that choosing the best host remains to be a daunting task.

Here is a review of top domain hosting companies in 2017.


Hostgator stands out as one of the best domain hosting companies available nowadays due to its cloud hosting ability. Secondly, they offer domain hosting at remarkably low prices which can make one skeptical in the first instance. However, Hostgator provides a higher load time than most other hosting companies that are available on the internet nowadays.


SiteGround has managed to amass over 800,000 domains and has data centers in Asia, Europe, and United States. The company started in 2004 with only one employee, but it is growing at a faster rate. It can take decent uptime, extra premium features, good support, and fast loads.

A2 Hosting

The A2 Hosting claims to have faster load speeds of more than 20 times faster. It has a reliable and stable uptime of 99.94% and has high loading times that can average ta 353ms. Additionally, their customer care is fast, supportive and responsive. Above all, they are secure since they have a HackScan that comes free when you buy a domain and keeps your site safe from any attack.


InMotion has been in operation since 2001 and has amassed more than 300,000 domains. Its centers are in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. Its uptime averages at 99.97%, has fast servers though the loading times are not ideal for user experience. They have one of the best customer support in the industry with support staff responding promptly to any queries.

However, InMotion is highly expensive despite the fact that in the recent years they have tried to match the competition in the industry with an offer of $2.975 a month.


BlueHost is one of the most user-friendly, fast and reliable web hosts in the industry. It provides a range of hosting features for improved user experience. For example, you will experience high uptime, fast load speeds, and fast and quality customer support.

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